Why hire me?



I offer a very rare combination of 15 years of agency experience and 20+ years of freelance experience.  So no matter what the size or scope of your project, you can trust that I’ll tap into all of that learning to deliver compelling, hard-working creative.

Affordable and efficient

I’m a pretty quick study so I won’t waste any time getting up to speed on your project.  Having hired many writers myself, I know I’m quicker than most, so tight deadlines and even tighter budgets are my specialty.

I’ll make your job easier

I truly love what I do so I approach every project with drive, enthusiasm and pure joy. No matter how many revisions you ask for, how tight your schedule or how little money you have to spend, I think you’ll find my laid-back professionalism very refreshing!

See my portfolio for samples of my work

“Erin is a total pro who gets it the first time, and hits it out of the park.  Erin is the perfect freelancer and, without a doubt, one of the top DM writers in the country. Don’t take chances, use Erin”

Pete McLeod

Associate Creative Director


3 great reasons to hire me